Immigrants, expats & students

Have you been referred for a tuberculosis test by the Immigration and Naturalisation department? (IND)

Check if tuberculosis testing is required.

You can check on the list of the IND ‘Exemption Tb test '.

Fill in the appointment form for immigrants, expats en students in. You will receive an appointment per email. Please fill in a form per person.

Take your passport of ID card and the completed form referral form TB test (ENG) to the GGD. After your tuberculosis test the GGD will complete the form and send it to the IND.

The current advice is to test for tuberculosis every 6 months for 2 years. This is done with a chest x-ray. For this follow up you will receive an appointment letter from the GGD.

Children younger than 18 years will generally undergo an IGRA (Interferon Gamma Release Assay) test. This is a blood test to detect infection with tuberculosis. After 2 to 3 weeks You will receive the result of this test per letter or email. If the result shows a probable infection, then we will send you an appointment letter.

You need to take the following:

  • BSN number
  • Valid passport
  • Referal form TB test
    IND Form (English)
  • If younger than 18 years old a filled in health Tb questionnaire:
    - de Health questionnaire TB (pdf)