If you want to visit our tuberculosis outpatient clinic, please make an appointment first.

Immigrants, expats & students

Have you been referred for a tuberculosis test by the Immigration and Naturalisation department? (IND). Check if tuberculosis testing is required.

Had contact with a tuberculosis patient?

Persons who had contact with a patient with contagious tuberculosis will be invited for tuberculosis testing as part of a contact investigation. This is done to find persons who are possibly infected in an early stage and offer treatment.

Children and BCG vaccination

In the Netherlands a BCG vaccination is offered to children if one or both parents are from a country where tuberculosis is more common. The vaccination is offered to children till the age of 12 years. Especially young children are susceptible and can be severely ill due to tuberculosis.

Travel and Tuberculosis

Are you traveling to Eastern Europe, Africa, Asia or Latin America? You might need a BCG vaccination or tuberculosis testing before and/or after your journey.


Since the 1st of October 2015 a chest x ray is not a standard investigation anymore. It has become a provided service after referral.