Tuberculosis test are not harmful for you (including children and pregnant women). If you are pregnant more than 27 weeks, please let us know.

This is a X ray of the chest. The chest x ray can show abnormalities suggesting the diagnosis tuberculosis. With a chest x ray only tuberculosis of the chest can be detected.

With this test an infection with the tuberculosis bacteria can be detected. A small amount of fluid is injected in the skin in the left side of the forearm. If you have antibodies against tuberculosis a skin reaction with a bump will occur. The skin reaction will be evaluated two to three days after the injection.

More information: Folder skin test and blood test TB

A blood sample is taken and sent to the laboratory to test whether there are antibodies against tuberculosis in your blood. After 2 to 3 weeks you will receive the result by letter or email.

It is often used to confirm a positive skintest.

Skin test and blood test TB

More information: Folder skin test and blood test TB

Sputum is matter expectorated from the respiratory system that is composed of mucus and contains microorganisms (such as bacteria).

If possible, sputum is collected at the GGD and/or your will receive a container to collect sample(s) on various days and deliver it to the GGD. Direct microscopy, DNA testing (PCR) and culture can show if the tuberculosis bacteria are present. If present sensitivity to antibiotic is also tested.