What is a cookie?

A cookie is a small file that is sent to your computer from the website on your first visit and stored there. On each subsequent visit, your computer resends the cookie to the website. The website, in turn, uses this information.

The so-called "Cookie Act" has been in force since June 2012 (this concerns Article 11.7a of the Telecommunications Act). This law states that every website must inform the visitor about which cookies are placed on his or her computer and what they are used for.

Cookies can be roughly divided into 2 groups:

  • Functional cookies for the individual visitor to ensure that the website functions properly. Examples of purposes of such cookies are: remembering set functionalities, or what font size you used to read the information from the site.
  • Analytical cookies that are (also) important for the owner of the website. Examples of purposes of such cookies are: keeping statistics about the use of the website, allowing cookies from advertisers.

Cookies on the websites of TB South Holland

Cookies are also used in a number of places on the TB South Holland websites. These cookies only belong to the group of cookies that keep statistics about the use of the websites. TB South Holland websites use analytical cookies to, for example, keep track of visitor statistics. This gives TB South Holland better insight into the functioning of the websites. The cookies on the TB South Holland websites are not used by advertisers.

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